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Should You Buy or Lease?

Massey Yardley Jeep Chrysler Dodge Ram: Buy or Lease?

Buy Or Lease?

We’ve found that many customers can’t decide if they should buy or lease a new Jeep Cherokee SRT in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Whether you’re in the market for a Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge, or RAM, we can certainly see upsides to both buying and leasing! If you’d like to talk to an expert about the issue, stop by and visit with our professional finance department. If you’d rather make up your mind on your own, then keep reading---here’s a quick guide to buying and leasing!



  • Replacement Parts + Incentives
    We’ve heard it once, we’ve heard in a thousand times---buying a new Dodge Charger in Fort Lauderdale, FL leads to more maintenance and more headache, right? Massey Yardley tries to make owning a car as easy as possible. Our replacement parts department has an easy Parts Form that you can submit online when something goes wrong, and our service department is factory trained to service your new Jeep SRT, Dodge Charger, RAM truck, or Chrysler vehicle. In short, don’t worry about the maintenance when you buy a new car from us!


  • Maintenance: Leasing a Jeep Cherokee SRT Leaves You Worry-Free
    When you lease a Chrysler 200 in South Florida, for instance, you inherit both a new car and its warranty. In other words, no maintenance woes! Not only will you receive a car that probably won’t break down---you’ll only have it for the first 2-3 years of its life---but if something does go wrong, the warranty will cover repairs. You’ll never have to drive a vehicle without a warranty!
  • RAM Incentives in Miami, FL, and So Much More
    Have you visited our new vehicle incentives page or stopped by the dealership lately? If not, you might be missing some incredible incentives! From 0% APR to to cash-back incentives, we love to offer unbeatable deals and see new cars flying off the lots. Give us a call to learn more about incentives, or stop by the dealership and see for yourself!
  • Cutting Sales Tax: Lease a New Chrysler & Save Tax Dollars
    You don’t purchase the full value of a vehicle when you lease it, so you shouldn’t have to pay sales tax on the retail value of the car, right? Such is the case when you lease a new car from us. For instance, if you use only $15,000 of a $35,000 car’s value during a lease, you only pay tax on that amount.
  • Admit It: Driving a Brand New Jeep Every 2-3 Years is Exciting!
    When you purchase a vehicle outright, you are most likely committing to that vehicle for the foreseeable future. When you lease a Jeep Renegade in Miami though, that commitment doesn’t last more than three years, leaving you free to hand-pick a new car at the end of the term! You could drive a brand new car every three years and never pay for vehicle repairs or deal with the hassle of selling your used car!