Money Saving Tips for Buying Used Cars in Plantation, FL

September 18th, 2022 by

Buying your next car is an important decision. You want to ensure that you choose a vehicle that fits your lifestyle and needs. At the same time, if you buy a used car in Plantation, FL, you must confirm it is in good shape. Massey Yardley is here to offer some money-saving tips for the next time you buy a used vehicle. 


Consider a Certified Pre-Owned Car


Once you decide you will buy a used car in Plantation, FL, consider getting a certified pre-owned model instead of a non-certified one. You will pay more initially, but you can save money in the long run. That comes from the extras included with certified vehicles, from an extended warranty to roadside assistance. 


Additionally, CPOs come with extra peace of mind. Every certified car has been inspected to confirm it is in good shape, with technicians completing any repairs or reconditioning. This reduces the chances that you will have to pay for a major repair, or even a minor one, in the near future. So, while you will initially pay a bit more for a CPO, it can save you money over time. 


Always Buy From a Reputable Dealer


One of the most important things to remember when you buy a used car in Plantation, FL, is who you buy from. Yes, you may find a great deal buying from a private seller, as they don’t have overhead costs. But what if it only seems like a great deal? What if they lie about its condition or the car has major issues? There’s no real recourse with a private seller. 


But this isn’t a concern with a reputable dealership. A reputable dealership will always be honest about the condition of their vehicles. They want customers to be happy, as this helps their reputation and leads to repeat customers and referrals. In the rare case that something isn’t as advertised, you have recourse. Remember that the dealership will want to maintain its reputation, so it will go out of its way to resolve any issue when you buy a used car in Plantation, FL. 


Always Get a Vehicle History Report


A common theme when you buy a used car in Plantation, FL, is confirming its condition. One good step to doing this is always getting the vehicle history report. Some dealerships will give you the report for free. Even if they don’t, paying a few dollars for the report can help you avoid issues, saving you tens of thousands of dollars. 


And Get an Inspection


The other thing you don’t want to skip when you buy a used car in Plantation, FL, is the inspection. Ideally, you will have a trusted third-party mechanic inspect the car to spot any potential issues. If they notice something, negotiate a price that accounts for the cost of repairs or just walk away. 


If you can’t have an inspection done, then at the very least, take the vehicle on a test drive. This will let you test most of the components and systems. 


Find Reliable Used Cars at Massey Yardley


Massey Yardley Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Plantation, FL, is proud to be your destination for used cars. We maintain a strong reputation and are honest and straightforward throughout the process. We’ll help you find a used car that fits your requirements and budget.

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